It comes with great relief that I can say I have pushed through and delivered my last two classes today. I attempted to take the kids through an activity that would get them thinking about their own dreams and goals and formulating a plan to reach them. A task on thinking big, goal setting and planning. It half-worked in the first class, although many kids stopped short of actually drawing up their own road map to life. They are used to just copying off the board and rote-learning facts, so pushing their mind on a task like this seemed a bit of a stretch.

I thought my second class went much worse. It was the last period of the day before a two-day holiday so the kids’ minds were elsewhere and I didn’t think anyone really listened. I was surprised, then, when at the end of the class two boys who appeared to have ignored me the entire lesson showed me the pages of words they had written. They had very neatly described what they wanted in life, what their dreams were and how they planned on getting there. After the kids left, I went around the room to collect the paper I had distributed for them to write on. Some were scrunched up, thrown on the floor – and on some of these I was surprised to find writing. A few kids had written some pretty philosophical things about what life was to them and what they hoped to gain. It was a little heart-warming to find out that the disruptive class was actually listening to me and what I was trying to say.

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