So what have I learned at Reliance? I think I have learned that I don’t want to be a teacher. Or at least, that there are some other things I would prefer doing more than be a teacher. It might be totally wrong to make such a call though based on my time in Kathmandu. After all, I was in a foreign place trying to teach kids without any experience or training whatsoever. It would probably have been a much different experience if I had a set subject to teach and some actual training to back me up. Now that I think about it I shouldn’t let this experience stop me from wanting to be a teacher. I still have the idealistic notion that I’d love to pass on wisdom to young minds and help them become the best people they can be, and reach their potential in life.

While those kind of thoughts rattled around in my brain, I spent the morning adjusting my brakes. It took me 3-4 hours of playing before I got them working. I changed the pads in the front but managed to avoid the same in the rear. I suspect I will never get full wear out of my pads but I think this is due to the brake system itself and not any fault of mine. After lunch I joined Prush and his friend for a ride into Thamel where I donated Geoff’s old clothes to KEEP in the hope porters find value in them. We then had lassi at a famous corner shop – so delicious! After this treat, we rode around the city for a while, slowly making our way back to school.

I was going to be going to Sushma’s house tomorrow for lunch, but she called and asked if I wanted to go there for dinner instead. She picked me up on her scooter half an hour later. At her home I met her husband, son and cousin. Her husband ducked out and returned with a bottle of Puslan Vodka, which we proceeded to finish. It was a great night with lots of laughs and I really appreciated learning more about Sushma and ‘normal’ life in Kathmandu. So many people in Kathmandu have interesting stories to tell about where they grew up and how they came to be here (and the challenges they had to overcome in the process), where they were when the earthquakes struck, and how they lived in the immediate recovery period. Not to mention their hopes and dreams for the future.

Nepal’s future

Accommodation Friend’s house
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,071km