A year ago I welcomed a new year by going on a road trip in Timor-Leste. This year I’m in Kathmandu. I am very happily full of rum, having enjoyed a night out with Madan and his family and close friends. I woke up at Sushma’s house and had a lazy morning, seeing off the remnants of a vodka-induced headache I woke up with in the night. I really enjoyed sitting on the balcony chatting to Sushma about her family and life in Nepal. I was invited to stay for lunch but decided to return to the school to get some chores done. I spent some time handwashing my clothes alongside the Sisters of the school. While doing so I decided I would prefer doing handwashing in Australia rather than using a machine – I have finally learned how to do it properly: wash with powder, then rub a bar of soap into each item, scrub on a hard surface with a brush, hand pummel, and then rinse in 3-4 buckets of water. Clothes clean, I had a shower, shoved down lunch, and then left the school for Madan’s house, using public transport. After a few hours at Madan’s we headed over to a family friend’s house where we spent the night enjoying a BBQ, rum and amazing company. It was so nice being part of a great group of loving friends and family. It’s only 10.30pm and I’m already in bed. I’m feeling very happy. I just sent out a drunken message on Facebook that says it all: Starting 2017 with a stomach full of rum, a heart full of incredible memories from a year spent cycling through ten countries, and a mind determined to keep exploring this amazing world of ours for as long as possible.

What a year!

Accommodation Friend’s house
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,071km