I finally got around to calling the friends I made about six weeks ago when I passed through Phidim in eastern Nepal. It was Monica’s birthday on Sunday and tonight she was going out with some of her friends, including two others (Niru and Manoz) who I had met before. I arranged to meet them in New Baneshwor, where they all live and study. With bus drivers on strike, I wasn’t sure if I could find public transport and there was no way I was going to pay for a taxi. I ended up walking there, which took me an hour at a fast pace. Along the way I got to see more of typical Kathmandu life. Unfortunately, google maps lead me astray and although I ended up standing in the place where ‘New Baneshwor’ is written on the map, I was not where my friends expected me to be and it was a little while before they could work out where I was (I ended up handing my phone to a stranger who could explain to them exactly where I was in relation to where they were). Eventually, Monica and Manoz arrived and we walked to the real centre of New Baneshwor, where we entered hidden little bar. The place was filled with cigarette smoke and I was reminded of my first year of going out in Perth when it was still legal to smoke in bars. I soon realised that the majority of smoke was coming from hooka, and we soon added to it with our own strawberry-flavoured one. A really good live band was providing welcome entertainment as we drank beer, ate momo and sucked on hooka. I had enough to drink that I didn’t mind getting up for a bit of dance. At the end of the night I crashed at Manoz’s house so I could get back home in sober daylight.

Stupa storm

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Total distance ridden 16,071km