I woke up at 6am and entered the cold streets of a still-dark New Baneshwor with Manoz’s sister. She was on her way to college, which was in the same direction as I needed to travel. We jumped on a tempo (local minibus) and headed north. I jumped out right outside Boudha Stupa and walked home, where I was frustrated to find the front gate to my guesthouse was closed. Luckily I managed to slip my hand underneath and wriggle the bolt out of its pocket in the ground. I tested the water temperature in my shower and as expected I found it stone cold. It isn’t until the afternoon that the sun’s heat has had a chance to heat the water. I pottered around for a little bit before heading downstairs for breakfast. I worked on diary and Instagram posts until the evening, when I joined a teacher from Reliance Public for dinner at the local restaurant I visited two nights ago. I wasn’t really in the mood for chatting, being super tired from the night out and feeling mind-numb from staring at a computer screen all day, but in the end I loosened up and had a really nice night learning about cultural differences between Nepal and Australia.

Guesthouse entrance

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,071km