Today I:

  1. Ate as much of the free breakfast buffet as possible so that I didn’t have to spend money until dinnertime.

  2. Finished uploading diary entries into WordPress. My online blog will now continue to function automatically until the end of February.

  3. Finished piecing together an Instagram plan. I now have photos, captions and hashtags ready to go for images that will be posted through January and February.

  4. Had a shower at 3pm when the water had been heated sufficiently by the sun to provide a soothing clean.

  5. Started writing about my time in Bangladesh for Newsletter 10.

  6. Left the guesthouse at 6.30pm and walked to my now-regular restaurant, where I can get amazing daal baht for 90r. I enjoyed some banter about girls and relationships with a couple of Nepali guys who told me the restaurant we were in was well known for its excellent, but cheap food.

  7. Returned home and continued writing about cycling in Bangladesh.

  8. Got carried away and didn’t look at the time until it was after midnight, when I had a small panic attack about how I wasn’t going to get enough sleep before getting up to secure another free breakfast and start another day.

View from my room

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,071km