I woke up tired, and instantly felt down about the fact I am still in Kathmandu with a couple more day’s work to do on my computer. I spent most of the day writing the text and preparing the photos for Newsletter 10. I sent the written part off to my mum for a grammatical edit and it came back in the evening with top marks. For the third day in a row I have survived off just two meals: a free breakfast about 8.30am and a cheap (AU$1.10) dinner at same local restaurant I have been three times previously. Tonight at the restaurant I started off sitting alone, but was soon joined by a group of monks. I chatted with one as I ate. I learned that he was a keen guitarist and had recently had a four-month break from his monastery to study graphic design. When I told him about my cycle journey, he pulled out his phone and showed me an incredible Red Bull downhill mountain-biking video that was filmed in his home town in northern Nepal. The video depicted four riders basically falling down mountain sides, but somehow (mostly) staying on their two wheels. It was like watching extreme skiers fly down mountain slopes, only it was with bicycles and loose dirt instead of skis and snow. As I walked home from dinner, I was hit with a burst of happy energy and I felt good about the work I have been getting done during the last few days. This has since waned and I am well and truly ready for bed, and once again feeling down about my extended stay in Kathmandu.

Street life

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Total distance ridden 16,071km