As was always going to happen, I left it to my last day in Kathmandu to race around completing my final tasks. These included buying a small Primus gas bottle as backup stove fuel to see me through Pakistan and beyond; filming images of Kathmandu life; buying shampoo, toothpaste and bread; and sending a few long overdue emails to friends. When I asked my guesthouse how to get into to Thamel by public transport, it was a while before they could move past telling me to just get a taxi as it will be easier. After convincing them taxis are out of the question, I found my way to Thamel on a bus and found my way back to Boudha on a tempo (spending 45r on local transport instead of 1200r on taxis). I had my final meal at my favourite local restaurant and treated myself to a side-dish of chicken, which bumped up the price from 90r (AU$1.10) to 130r (AU$1.60). I feel a little reluctant to be leaving Kathmandu, as it has become a nice home, but at the same time I feel excited to be exploring new horizons and being active on the bike once again.

Tempo ride

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,071km