I had my sights set on Pokhara but didn’t make it. Even though getting there today was a big ask, I probably would have made it if I didn’t blow my rear tyre. The tyre’s side wall has been fracturing for a while and today it split completely. Luckily, I wasn’t moving very fast and it happened right next to a clear gravel area near some roadside restaurants, so I had a safe place to work. I exchanged the destroyed tyre with my spare and used my last spare tube. I rode on for another few kilometres to reach Damauli where a little kid led me to the guesthouse I’m in now. They tried to flog some pricey (1,500r) rooms and got a shock when I said they were too expensive. The security guard then said they had some cheap rooms for 500r. Much more my style. I checked in, had a cold wash, and then went out for a walk. In town I became curious when I kept seeing kids carrying balloons. They became more frequent as I made my way to the site of a festival. There was a ferris wheel, bounty’s revenge, small roller coasters, a stage with a singer, fairy floss, balloons, carnival games…such a great atmosphere. As I left I was approached by a girl who I’d seen on the ferris wheel. She’d caught my attention because of her blond hair. And her screams of terror – the ferris wheel would fail even the most neglectful safety test! Kathrine and her friend Ola live in Damauli and work for the Red Cross. We went to a nearby café to have a tea and chat. It was really nice to spend some time with foreigners for a change and have some smooth-flowing conversation about travel and destinations. Kathrine lived in Delhi for two years so gave me some great tips for when I am there.


Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 69.33km
Average cycling speed 15.1kph
Total distance ridden 16,233km