I slept in until I felt the day warming up. After washing my pile of dirty laundry, I prepared a front pannier of things for a day out, then cycled to the café I was at yesterday evening, where I enjoyed some fresh-made chapatti and curry for breakfast. It was around midday by the time I left. I rode to Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave and paid the 100r entrance fee to access the natural wonder. In what I suspect was an attempt to cheat me out of money (judging by the smirk on the guy’s face), I had to request the correct change when I was given 100r too little. The cave was interesting enough, providing a nice view at the end of Davi’s Falls. I then rode the hard way (dirt track) up to the Peace Pagoda. It was a sweaty, hard climb and I impressed myself when I thought about the fact that I’d ridden similar tracks in eastern Nepal while fully loaded. The Pagoda was very nice, but what makes the place super special is the incredible view over Pokhara and Lake Phewa.

Rather than return the hard way, I made my way back towards town via the bitumen access road. Before heading home, I decided to spend a while exploring back roads. I ended up by the communities that are adjacent to the airport and look like slums. It was here that I finally managed to buy some samosas at a normal price. I’d been stubborn enough to go hungry thus far as I was determined to get them cheaper than the 20r each being offered downtown – it is apparent that tourist prices are well established across all classes of establishment in Pokhara.

After popping into a Tibetan Refugee Settlement, I decided to hang out by the lake as the sun set. I managed to squeeze my bike through a narrow gate and thereby gain access to the lakeside path. Finally, I got to see just how tranquil and picturesque the lake is.

Peace Pagoda

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 26.06km
Average cycling speed 10.6kph
Total distance ridden 16,325km