My bags felt tremendously heavy as I carried them downstairs to my bike. I think I was just sluggish from the cold though. I never truly thawed out, so I just felt like I was plodding along slowly all day, which suited me fine. After climbing out of Pokhara, the road undulated as it followed watercourses. I faced a couple of climbs to cross valleys but nothing that felt too hard. I just cruised at a relaxed pace and enjoyed the scenery. I really like the villages I passed and I like the look of Waling, where I am now. I had a tea break when a guy called out to me and I stopped for a chat. He has been living in Brisbane for nine years and was home for a brief visit. I had tea, a ‘donut’ and dried buffalo meat with him and his family. He is helping to finance the building of a new house behind their current one, which is not only earthquake-damaged, but is set to be knocked down when the road is widened.

Tea break

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 69.18km
Average cycling speed 15.5kph
Total distance ridden 16,443km