I entered a misty world and didn’t emerge from it for about one and a half hours. The new world in which I found myself consisted of deeply incised valleys, vertical cliff faces, jungle-dwelling monkeys and gently flowing rivers of bright blue water. An initial descent was followed by a climb to Tansen, then another general descent to Butwal. I was hoping to reach Lumbini and for about five minutes in Butwal I was intent on racing against the sun’s descent, but then I pulled the pin and decided to spend the night in Butwal. This will allow me to cruise leisurely into Lumbini tomorrow and give me time for any filming I want to do. I am staying in a nice hotel for a really good price (350r, AU$4.30), perhaps the best value place in Nepal to date. After a refreshingly icy shower I enjoyed an amazing veg thupka. Right now I’m waiting for my usual veg daal baht dinner, which I will enjoy in the company of the nice family who run the hotel.


Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 94.61km
Average cycling speed 19.8kph
Total distance ridden 16,537km