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Day 656 (Nepal Day 82)

I stayed up chatting to the lovely family running the hotel, knowing I could sleep in a little, given that it wasn’t too far to Lumbini. In the morning, I panicked a little when I couldn’t find my key to my bike lock, but I eventually found it in the pocket of my jacket, which I’d folded away into my clothes bag. I was given a free breakfast, plus a discount on my already cheap deal – in the end I only paid 600r (AU$7.50) and in return I received a nice room, an amazing veg thupka lunch, an amazing all-you-can-eat veg daal baht dinner, a decent breakfast and two bottles of mineral water.

I took the more challenging route into Lumbini: west then south, which took me along a bouncy dirt road through fields and small settlements. When I hit the northern boundary of the Lumbini rectangle, I rode in through an unmanned gate, which placed me in the northern section of the estate. As I rode in the majestic Peace Pagoda appeared to the right. I couldn’t resist checking it out. I followed some walking tracks through the grass, slowly making my way around the boundary wall to the entrance point. After walking a couple of laps of the pagoda I returned to the bike and continued exploring Lumbini.

I rode through the bus station and past the museum to reach the long canal. After passing by a few nearby monasteries, I checked whether the Korean monastery offers accommodation. Yes they do – 500r for a shared room, three meals, hot shower and WIFI. At this point I was still hoping I would hear from Madan and be told I could stay at his (Sri Lankan) monastery for free, but as late afternoon arrived and I still hadn’t heard, I decided to check into the Korean monastery. I have 625r to my name so I’m not sure what I will do tomorrow. I was given a room all to myself but have since been joined by a Brazilian guy called Lucas. I had a very welcome warm water bucket shower and have just enjoyed the dinner provided, very happy to discover it is self-serve with enough on offer to eat as much as I want.

Peace Pagoda

Accommodation $ Korean Monastery
Distance ridden today 60.11km
Average cycling speed 14.2kph
Total distance ridden 16,597km

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