All of a sudden it’s my last full day in Nepal. Thinking back, I have had such an incredible time here. It is such a wonderfully diverse country, both in terms of the environment and the people. The (nearly) three months I have spent here have given me but a tiny glance at the country. It’s definitely a place I would love to revisit one day. But life moves on, and so must my bicycle journey.

Today felt strange. The world was blanketed in heavy fog that didn’t lift until the afternoon. It was like being stuck in a mystical world in which time runs slower than usual. I pottered around the monastery through the morning, reading about Buddhism and learning about Uttar Pradesh, the Indian state in which I will be spending the next few weeks. In the afternoon I checked out the Chinese temple across the road from my Korean monastery home and that was as far as my adventures took me. I have been getting sick over the last couple of days, so I didn’t mind doing very little. I think part of feeling ill might have a little to do with over-eating while I have been here in Lumbini. It seems that if ‘free’ food is on offer, I no longer know when to stop.

After dinner I joined in a Buddhist prayer session inside the Korean temple. My time in Boudha (Kathmandu) seemed to trigger an intense desire to understand Buddhism, and, even though I have been travelling for months through places where Buddhism is prevalent, I feel as if I have only just embarked on a journey into the religion. I now have a long queue of books about Buddhism on my kindle.

Korean Monastery’s Temple

Accommodation $ Korean Monastery
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,608km