I have decided I can easily travel in India for AU$10 a day. This includes $6 for accommodation and $4 for food. I have been in India for four days now and have only purchased one bottle of water, instead relying on filtered water in the places I have stayed. Tonight I returned to the same place for chapatti, rice and curry. Both before and after this meal, I enjoyed kebabs are two different places, each one made with roti that is fried with two eggs and rolled around a filling that includes noodles, onion, chilli, cabbage and spices. I am back at the guesthouse now sitting on the rooftop. Across from me are an English girl and European guy chatting deeply about psychology. It makes me feel isolated. Sometimes it feels like travelling on a bike is a completely different world of travel and it’s hard to relate to other travellers.

I didn’t see much of Varanasi today; proper exploring will happen tomorrow. Today I uploaded photos to my website and to Facebook. I also edited my YouTube video titles, washed my clothes and caught up Instagram and Facebook messages. I then took a leap and purchased a flight to Perth from Delhi. I am flying home in exactly one month. I need to be home for passport business, a friend’s 30th birthday and a cousin’s wedding. I also got in touch with an Indian guy (who I met through Madan in Nepal) who lives in Sarnath, just outside of Varanasi city. After exploring downtown over the next couple of days, I will visit him in Sarnath, famed for being the place Buddha gave his first teachings after his enlightenment.

In the morning I ventured outside to complete three tasks: (1) change the two damaged bank notes I’d received in Gorakhpur, (2) buy some bananas, and (3) buy some bread. I completed these tasks easily and with very little exploring. I changed the notes at a bank just down the street from my guesthouse, bought some bananas (14 for 50r) at a street cart just outside the bank, then returned to my dinner spot and bought five plain chappatis for 15r (AU$0.30). At home, for lunch, I spread each chapatti with my mango jam (from Nepal) and wrapped each one around a banana – delicious!

Attracting a crowd on my way to Varanasi

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,951km