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Day 665 (India Day 26)

Day 3 of being sick. I continue to decorate the squat dunny (and surrounding area) and feel weak and sore. And I continue to binge watch YouTube videos.

In the afternoon I went in search of some food and settled on an underground restaurant. I told the restauranteur I was sick and, just as the manager of my guesthouse had already recommended, the restauranteur recommended I eat curdy stuff. I decided to follow his advice, buying a portion of rice, a bowl of curd and a banana lassi. It went down ok.

In the evening the guesthouse manager accompanied me to a drug store and helped me purchase some medication (50r, AU$1). Once home, I googled what I’d bought, learning that one packet contained fairly standard diarrhoea treatment while the other packet contained multivitamins; so I was happy to start consuming them.

In between all of these things I just felt sorry for myself.

View from guesthouse rooftop

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,951km

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