It is time for me to leave Varanasi. My stomach is still not 100% but I feel well enough to ride. I have settled on a route that will give me a chance to ease myself back into physical exertion again. Thus, tomorrow I expect to only ride about 65km before reaching a town where I can spend the night. Besides making plans for tomorrow, today I finally got out and about again as a tourist, visiting the southernmost ghats along the Ganges. I slowly wandered up and down, filming as I went. The incessant nagging from boat owners wanting to take me on a ‘cheap’ ride along the river was annoying, but otherwise I once again found Varanasi a pleasant place to explore. As evening arrived, I ventured to the roof above The Mark Café and filmed the sun as it disappeared below the concrete horizon of rooftops. For dinner I chose to have a chicken curry instead of my usual tomato-basil pasta, which I have repeatedly had during my other visits. I think the chicken was the first meat I have eaten since Kathmandu about a month ago. Hunger satiated, I returned to Assi Ghat and filmed some of the night time activities. Despite giving myself this chance to see more of Varanasi, I know I have hardly seen anything at all. Unfortunately, the thought of staying any longer than I have is depressing. I just want to move on from this place where I have felt so wretched and really put the last week behind me.

Time to get out of this joint

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 16,951km