– The adventures of a solo round the world cyclist –

Day 677 (India Day 38)

My bike was packed and I was researching accommodation options when Sharad said I could continue staying at his house. Awesome! I just need to leave when he does in the morning and be out until 8.30pm, by which time he will be home again. My day of adventure began with a ride westwards across the northern part of Lucknow until I reached the Clock Tower. A couple of guys chatted to me and invited me for a tea. They tagged along as I went to see if the nearby Picture Gallery displayed modern art (no it didn’t, so I didn’t bother entering), then I left them as I headed over to look at the impressive Jama Masjid. From there I headed into a maze of laneways and inadvertently came across a famous kebab shop – Tunday Kebabi. Given that I had read about Lucknow’s famous kebabs, I had to stop and try some. I got a plate of minced meat patties (the kebab meat) and a paratha for 25r (AU$0.50). My next target was the UP Tourism Centre, where I picked up a map and some information booklets, with which I made a plan for tomorrow. An afternoon hunt for WIFI failed, but I managed to pick up five minutes of internet at the place I had dinner, a vegetarian restaurant close to home. I rode there before it got dark and waited until the time I thought Sharad would be home. On navigating to the place where my GPS screenshot told me his home was, I couldn’t find the house no matter how hard I tried. I had the address written down, so I ended up asking a local if he knew where it was. It turned out the guy knew Sharad. He called Sharad, who came and got me.

Wow Sharad can talk. I have just been talked to for two hours straight and he is still going. It’s 11.30pm and we are meant to be getting up at 5.30am for yoga. He is an absolutely lovely guy, but I am so tired I feel sick. I have only had about five hours sleep a night for the last three nights. He is lying in the next room and talking to me through the darkness, asking a lot of questions but not giving me the chance to answer any. I can’t be angry though. He is giving me a comfortable place to stay and he has just shouted out how he is very happy to have met me. “You are a good man, Mark.”


Accommodation Home of a friendly local
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,265km

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