I really struggled today. Too many nights of little sleep and long days are catching up with me and I left Lucknow feeling ill. Having chosen to ride the new Lucknow-Agra Expressway, I had no choice but to keep on truckin’ on – there were no towns or shops along the way and very few turnoffs. I made it to Kannauj just as I got dark and quickly learned that the only hotels on offer were expensive ‘banquet hall’ hotels asking a ridiculous 1,500r (AU$30) plus tax. I rode into the old town but soon learned there were no hotels there. I ate dinner (roti, rice and daal) at a little food stall before heading out of town with a plan to find somewhere to camp. I was joined by a young local called Manas who was keen to learn about me and I let him tag along while I found a camp spot in an open field. Long story short, he ended up calling his father and inviting me to stay at their house. I locked my bike in a garage and took away a bundle of things I’d need in the night. At the house I met Manas’s parents and brother before having a hot water bucket shower. Manas then took me on a quick tour of town, after which we returned home for soup and coffee. It’s now 10pm and I can’t wait for sleep to take me.

Thanks guys!

Accommodation Home of a lovely family
Distance ridden today 134.94km
Average cycling speed 15.2kph
Total distance ridden 17,399km