My morning pack-up was watched closely by an annoying crowd of onlookers who insisted on watching me even as I took yet another messy shit in my toilet hole. The ride went surprisingly well, despite how I was feeling. On reaching Etawah, I once again faced problems finding accommodation. I was turned away by about six hotels before I came across one willing to take me. The others were either not registered to take foreigners or were fully booked by a wedding party that is taking over the town for the weekend. I am happy with the one in which I ended up: a small, non-descript place run by one guy. I checked in, hung out my tent to dry and heated some water for a wash. After getting clean, I went for a walk in town to buy medicine and food. I’m going to hit my system hard with slightly higher than recommended doses of antibacterial and probiotic drugs and see what happens.

Looking okay. Feeling terrible.

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 37.32km
Average cycling speed 16.7kph
Total distance ridden 17,500km