Rather than ride as far as I could each day and simply hope there’d be a place to stay at the end of it, I decided it would be best if I planned the next two days a little more. I worked out I could reach Gurgaon (the centre out of Delhi where I should be able to store my bike while I return to Perth) by the end of tomorrow; and I could make it there from either Mathura or Vindravan after a big day’s ride tomorrow. I chose Vrindavan because it’s a little further north.

Once in Vrindavan, I rode to the Hare Krishna Complex and found a place to stay at the end of the back lane. With no electricity (which meant no hot water or WIFI) to distract me, I headed straight out to explore Sri Krishna-Balaram Mandir and surrounding attractions, where I was blown away by the stunning marble architecture and enchanted by the Hare Krishna community bustling about. I know nothing of Hare Krisha, my only exposure to the Hare Krishna movement being the handful of times I saw processions through Perth city during my childhood. I passed through the temple several times through the evening to observe the various rituals (chanting, music, dancing) going on. The atmosphere was otherworldly and I felt drawn to the religious practices going on. It’s time to do some reading on the matter.

Home of Hare Krishna

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 74.99km
Average cycling speed 17.1kph
Total distance ridden 17,752km