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Day 687 (India Day 48)

I had a breakfast of bananas, biscuits and baked beans, and was on the road by 7.30am with a big day ahead. I broke the day into legs of 30km, 30km, 30km, 35km and 20km and by the end of the day I had nearly ridden 150km in total. As the sun was dipping close the horizon, I reached an area of Gurgaon that was relatively close to where I expected to find a self-storage business. Here, I began enquiring at hotels. The area is a very affluent business district and all the hotels were super expensive compared to the places I have been elsewhere in India. Having utterly exhausted myself, and given my need to be in the area, I had to take it on the chin and not think too much about the money.

Eventually, I bargained one place down to 1,700r (AU$34), but this marked the start of a very annoying night. Having been told it was 1,700r including taxes and breakfast (with guaranteed hot water anytime), I put all my gear in my room and locked up my bike. I then officially checked in and was told that, “Actually, the room is 2000r plus taxes”. After a light argument, I was told that the room was 1,850r plus taxes. After a moderate argument, I was told that the room was 1,700 plus taxes. I capitulated and returned my room to have a soothing hot shower. The water was cold. This was when I was told there is only hot water for a short period of time each morning. I was pissed off by now, and used my anger and frustration to help me bear the cold temperature of the water.

I then set about finding dinner. I ended up walking an incredibly long way to find food. This pissed me off even further and I realised I needed to do something about my mindset. I sat down long enough to realise that life was completely fine, and I was just over-tired and in desperate need of food in the belly and a good sleep. I found food at a street-side van and returned home to bed.

Despite saying I would stay for the five nights until my flight out of India, I decided I would get the hell out and find somewhere different to stay. Partly from being overtired, and partly from having this on my mind, I found it difficult to sleep. At some point in the early morning I jumped on the web to research other accommodation options. As well as collating a list of places to try in the morning, I sent a message off to a prospective Airbnb host.

Leaving Vrindavan

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 148.15km
Average cycling speed 18.9kph
Total distance ridden 17,900km

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