The start to my day was one part amusing, one part frustrating and one part worrying – all thanks to issues at the mall. I decided to walk to the mall around 9.30am and get some breakfast groceries. One security guard outside the building told me the place wasn’t opening until 11am. As this happened, another guard rushed over and shouted ‘No’ at me before gesturing menacingly at me to leave. It was clear I wasn’t welcome at the mall at all, open or no. I returned home and started tending to my to-do list, starting with washing my pannier bags and getting a load of clothes washing started. With no food from the mall, I got hungrier and hungrier. Fortunately, my kind hosts came to the rescue when they offered me breakfast. I was served some amazing chapattis that had spinach and other extras mixed through, so they were like savoury pancakes. I enjoyed these with a mix of butter, chutney and some green chilli relish, all washed down with a nice tea. This fuelled me through some more chores until the early afternoon, when Giresh and his girlfriend accompanied me to the mall to sort things out. Giresh asked to speak to the manager and after a bit of a wait he came down. I’m not exactly sure what was said, and I am sure the manager gave a very abridged/biased version of events, but I didn’t really care. All I wanted was to be free to enter the mall. Everyone came away happy and I was free to do some grocery shopping. I got a bunch of fruit and some stuff with which I could make some sandwiches at home. At home I continued pottering around, sewing a couple of holes in my sleeping bag liner and patching up a couple of holes in my riding shirt. I washed Hitesh prepare a chicken biryani (including sealing the edge of the pot with a dough mixture to create a slow-cooking effect) and while it was cooking, I joined him and Sim for a trip to some nearby shops where I was treated to some delicious Pani Puri. Dinner was ready by the time we got back home and it was amazing.

Flashback: this beautiful building flanks the Taj Mahal

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