For the first time in ages I went to bed with no alarm set. I woke up around 8am but didn’t move out of bed until just after 9am. I showered before venturing downstairs where I was served another awesome breakfast – toast and omelette this time. I spent a few hours cleaning my bike, taking an inventory of all its bolts and treating my leather saddle. I then set about tightening the bolts in my pannier bags before packing them with all the stuff I am leaving behind in India. I also half-packed the stuff I am taking home with me. This means I am now pretty much all ready to leave India and can really relax properly. I was busy with all of this until about 6pm, when I turned on the TV and proceeded to work my way through quite a lot of episodes of Suits. Hitesh arrived home around 8pm and cooked some really good beef burgers for dinner, which I ate over a couple more episodes.

On the road a few days ago

Accommodation $ Airbnb home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km