I procrastinated through the morning, not really looking forward to leaving the cool comfort of my Indian home and battling through the day’s heat to get to the airport. But the time came when my bags were 100% packed and my bicycle and gear were safely stored away. I walked to the Sikanderpur train station with two bags – one large rear pannier (which was strung across my shoulders and causing pain like I knew it would) and one rack pack (which I juggled around into different positions to reduce strain on my body). There were no seats on the journey into New Delhi, which cost only 23r (AU$0.46). Once arrived, I hunted around for some storage lockers within a big train station and, leaving my bags behind, ventured out to kill some time. I walked east and explored a series of parks, including one in which the cremated remains of Mahatma Gandhi lie. I then got a bit lost in a maze of market lanes. I got seriously annoyed at a rickshaw driver who followed me, telling me I was going the wrong way and that this and that are this other way and he would drive me there for a good price.

My time exploring only deepened my desire to get the hell out of the country. I made my way back to the train station, collected my baggage and jumped on the train heading to the airport. I got there about 3.5 hours before my flight, but found the check-in desks to be open. I had checked in online so simply had to deliver one of my bags for check-in. It only weighed 8kg. I kind of wanted to see what my hand luggage weighed, but decided not to as it could easily have been over the 7kg allowance. I have never had my hand luggage weighed at any airport and today was no exception.

I proceeded through security and immigration and into the departure section, where I settled on some McDonald’s for my pre-flight meal. I got chatting to a couple in their fifties who were also returning to Perth (Geraldton) after an Indian adventure. They shared their Domino’s pizza with me as we chatted about various topics. This helped passed the time until I had to find my gate and ready myself to get on board.

Qantas my saviour

Accommodation In transit
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km