I couldn’t help but smile as I glimpsed the eucalypts. My smile broadened when I spotted mum waiting for me and it continued as I gave her a big hug. Dad had arrived home from work by the time we pulled in, and my soon-to-be brother-in-law Dan, and my brother Paul arrived soon after. Home at last. I am so, so happy to be here among my family. While my parents’ house feels less like home than it did the last time I spent time here, I am sure it will only take a day or two for me to settle in properly.

Once again I am struck by how quickly life can change. Just yesterday I was in India in the midst of my trip, and suddenly I am a world away. This makes me think that when the trip is all said and done, it will quickly fade into the past, and I better have something cool to move onto in its place if I am to avoid post-travel depression.

I didn’t get much sleep overnight on the plane, so I am quite tired now. Fortunately, I had an aisle seat for both legs of the journey, and my seating partners were relatively small women, so I was happy with who I was sitting next to. I hope they can say the same about me. I’m skin and bone at the moment so they are definitely not going to be complaining about being sat next to a fat person. The worst thing that can be said is that I had smelly feet, a fact I realised when I took my shoes off during the second flight. By then my feet had been in the same socks and hiking shoes for nearly 24hours.

Dinner tonight was really nice. Mum cooked my requested meal of sausages with mashed potato (golden mash with sweet potato), boiled vegetables and gravy. Delicious! We all swapped stories about our weeks (though my storytelling extended further into the past year). It is going to be really nice to catch up with everyone properly over coming weeks. I am so lucky to have such a perfect home and family to return to.

No place like home

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Total distance ridden 17,908km