It felt a little strange to be waking up at home. It has been so long since I have been in my parents’ house, and in Perth in general, that it doesn’t quite feel like home, which means I’m not sure where I’m meant to be at the moment. My life has become one of constant movement and uncertainty.

My travels have only strengthened my love of Perth and Western Australia, though. It is such a wonderful part of the world. I enjoyed a breakfast of four Weet-bix topped with muesli and extra dried fruits and nuts, plus honey. Muesli is my standard choice of breakfast and it has been a very long time since I have had it. I then went through the pile of mail waiting for me. This prompted me to write a letter to Barclay’s bank in England, where I still hold an account from my when I worked in Wales back in 2010/2011. I was also prompted to start investigating private health insurance options. I will need to get myself private health insurance before July if I am to avoid certain government taxes, and if I get health insurance before April 1, then I will avoid an increase in prices across all health insurance providers. I think I am going to go with HBF. The annoying thing is that I won’t really benefit from the actual insurance until I return to Australia properly, and I am not sure exactly when that’s going to be.

On discovering that my Australian SIM card has been deregistered due to inactivity, I decided to go to Belmont Forum to see if I can retain my old number. I wrote out a shopping list of everything I wanted to buy while in Perth, and spent couple of hours in Belmont working my way through it. First I visited P&N bank to deactivate a bank card and change the pin of a new one. I posted my handwritten letter off to Barclays. I visited the chemist to buy tea tree oil and ear plugs. I visited Woolworths to buy a nail brush (which I will use for cleaning clothes while on the road using the method I learned in Nepal), along with sewing needles, pacer pencils and dental floss. I made some general enquiries at HBF office. I visited Teltra to confirm that my old number is deregistered due to inactivity (yes, six months of inactivity and you lose your number), then enquired about their prepaid plans. I compared these with what was offered by Optus, and came to the conclusion that the latter was a better deal. I then left the mall and drove to Bunnings where I bought gaffer tape, electrical tape, cable ties and an ocky strap. Lastly, I shopped at Totally Workwear where I bought some safety glasses to use as sunglasses (the same model of glasses as I have used previously, given that they fit well and are perfect for cycling as there is no frame along the bottom and sides of the lenses to obstruct vision; I carelessly lost my old pair in Nepal when I hooked them to back of my bike when I wasn’t using them, only to find later that they fell off).

All in all it was a productive shopping trip. I didn’t get home until around 3.30pm. I made a couple of sandwiches for lunch, then started preparing to drive to my old work to catch up with Friday night drinks. In the end I wasn’t going to get there until it was too late, so I didn’t end up going. The people I want to see will be going out tomorrow for a girl’s going away celebration, so I will be joining them then for a night out. I spent the night at home with my mum and dad and let them relax while I cooked dinner and did the dishes.


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