I have come away from a night out with mixed emotions about life. I have had quite a few drinks, which is surely having an influence (it was a friend’s  going away party and I joined everyone at The Dominion League before heading to Mint in Northbridge). It was really good to see old work colleagues and learn that everyone was well. At the same time it was a bit strange to be out on the town, a marked change from the life I have been leading. I appreciated the clientele in Mint, as everyone there seemed friendly and courteous. After 2am I Ieft with my friend Megs and went to get a kebab. I think this was where my mind started wandering. A pair of drunk guys were being a nuisance at the counter and I was brought back to reality that life in Perth is not 100% rosy and there are annoying people everywhere in this world. I began to reflect on how I related to the people I hung out with tonight. Not much is the answer. I do in relation to the jobs we have shared, but not necessarily in my outlook on life in general. Yes, Perth is a wonderful home, but I am reminded that it is people that make a place great and I just don’t feel like I am surrounded by enough people who share a similar mindset. What is going to happen at the end of this year when I use up all of my savings is a big mystery.

Before going out, I spent the day online shopping, purchasing a new pedal system, tubes, brake pads and bike computer. I also went for a walk with mum, during which we stopped off at Officeworks, where I purchased a 2TB external hard drive to hold a copy of my video footage. I spent part of the morning entering diary entries into my computer and then part of the afternoon starting the time-consuming task of reorganising my data storage.

Night in the city

Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km