I squeezed in about five and half hours’ sleep before waking up to talk over skype with my brother Chris, his wife Erin and their twin boys, who all recently moved to Christmas Island to live. It’s been quite a while since I have chatted with my brother, so it was nice to catch up, although the call was dominated by shots of my nephews, who were running about the entire time. After chatting for an hour or so, I had breakfast and then tried and failed to have a nap before jumping in my parents’ car and heading east. I arrived at my best mate Jayden’s house as he and his girlfriend Kobie were finishing strapping a couple of kayaks (one of which is mine) to the roof of their Pajero. Kobie dropped Jayden and me off nearby the Swan River and we spent an hour and a half padding downstream to Ascot, chatting all the while to catch up on each other’s news. It was such a beautiful day to be on the water and getting out for a paddle only reinforces the idea in my mind that Perth is a pretty awesome place. We ended the paddle with a couple of beers by the side of the river. After our little adventure, I raced back to the city and had just enough time for a quick shower before joining my family for a dinner out. Kathryn and Gordon inspired me with the incredible food they had prepared – I can’t wait to have the freedom of my own kitchen one day and learn how to similarly impress with amazing dishes.


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Total distance ridden 17,908km