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Day 697 (Australia – Home break)

It is exactly four weeks ago to the day that I got violently sick in India and endured a rough night of diarrhoea and vomiting. While the vomiting was a single event, I have had diarrhoea every day since then. A bad day (back in India) meant having a squat twenty times a day to let out a fair volume of water, enduring constant stomach pain and waking up having slightly shat myself. A good day (now in Perth) means stomach cramps after every meal and a diarrhoea event three times a day. I thought a few days in Perth might invite a positive change in my condition and I gave myself today as a deadline for such a change to happen. No change meant a doctor’s visit. It’s so nice to be in a country where visiting a doctor is quick and easy. I went online and booked myself in to see a doctor I have seen before, at a time that suited me. A couple of hours later and I was on my way to the Northbridge Medical Centre, where I only had to wait a few minutes past my appointment time before being welcomed in to see the doctor. As well as tending to my diarrhoea issues, I asked about pain in my shoulder which I have had for the last four months, and I asked about haemorrhoids, which is now a chronic issue for me. The outcomes? Strong antibiotics to kill whatever microbes are affecting my gut. An order to have an ultrasound on my shoulder. And advice about what creams to buy should my haemorrhoids rupture.

After seeing the doctor, I revisited the hairdresser who cut my hair just under one year ago, which was the last time I have had a haircut. Having had only that one haircut in the last two years, I’m not vain about what my hair looks like, so I was able to just say, “Just cut it all off, maybe to about this long on the top and a bit shorter on the sides” and let her do her thing. Relieved of most of my locks, I set about purchasing a few more things for my trip, including black nail polish to paint over chips in my bike racks and a beanie to replace the one I carelessly lost in India (I was riding with it tucked in my pocket and didn’t notice when it slipped out). I also made several online purchases, including an assortment of bolts for my bike racks and other parts (so I can replace them all on a regular basis before they break), and a small metal cable to lock my bicycle to my tent while I’m sleeping in places where there is nothing solid to lock my bike to (I had a Pacsafe retractable cable lock but it stopped working).

Back at home, I continued to reorganise how I store my electronic data and I contacted a couple of places about sourcing some tiny screws that have come off my camera’s microphone shoe mount. These activities filled my day until mum delivered a delicious lamb dinner to the table. I have just roused myself from being asleep on the couch to watch a programme about plastic pollution in our oceans and write this diary entry. Now I’ll have a quick shower to wash off the little bits of hair still stuck to me from my haircut, then sink into a super soft bed (I don’t think it’s especially soft, it just feels like it is after months of sleeping on relatively hard surfaces).


Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km

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