Another full day of getting stuff done. My first job was to walk into the city and submit my China visa application during a booked appointment at Perth’s China Visa Service Centre. I had everything neatly prepared so had a very easy time submitting my application. I was in and out in about five minutes.

Back at home I progressed my Pakistan visa application. I spent a very long time writing out an explanation about why I can’t be 100% honest in my application and what this means for a potential sponsor who provides me with a Letter of Introduction. I wrote out a draft Letter of Introduction and as I began to simplify it further and further, I realised I could write one that contains all the necessary information but does not include any of the fibs I need to tell in the rest of the application. This means that anyone providing me with a Letter of Introduction doesn’t need to tell fibs at all. This leaves me with a moral dilemma: do I or don’t I tell my sponsor that I will be providing misleading information in the rest of my application?

I began piecing together the paperwork required, including a six-month record of all my banking transactions, and a record of my previous employment. I have filled out three quarters of the application form, which requested extraordinary details such as unique identifying marks (I recorded a birthmark on my lower right leg) and my blood type (I have no idea, but mum is 95% sure it is B+).

I broke this work up with a walk to the local post office where a package containing some new bike gear was waiting for me. I received two new tubes, two sets of brake pads and a new bike computer. The problem I have with my current wireless bike computer (Cateye Micro Wireless) is that it sometimes counts kilometres by itself while I am not riding, probably from being dropped a few too many times. I have gone for a cheaper, wired version (Cateye Velo 9).

In the evening I walked over to my brother’s apartment where I have a bunch of boxes stored. I had a list of things I wanted to retrieve. It was really interesting to open the boxes and rediscover the things that were so important in my life two years ago, but which I haven’t seen since. I managed to find nearly everything I was looking for (including a shirt to wear to my cousin’s wedding, washing fluid suitable for cleaning my down jacket, fabric with which I can make a new bottle cover, material with which I can make a strap to hold my sleeping mat onto the front of my bike, and sandals which will become my new riding footwear.

I arrived home just in time to be served a dinner cooked by dad.


Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km