I took a day off trip stuff to visit a couple of friends. After tidying my room I jumped in my parents’ car and drove east into the hills to Darlington. Dan was home alone when I got there so we had a bit of chance to catch up before his family arrived. I joined them for a home-made burger lunch and hung out through the afternoon. Liam showed me his treehouse and a ginormous hole he and his brother Adam had dug with kid-size spades over the last few months. Hilarious! Apparently they have spent many hours digging it. We all went to a neighbour’s house to use their pool (the neighbours are away on holiday, but said their pool can be used if Dan’s family look after the chickens). I played chess and Guess Who and watched the new Disney movie, Moana. I stayed so long that I was also around for dinner. After the kids went to bed, I left and drove halfway down the hill to my mate Jayden’s house in Jane Brook. We chatted a bit, then settled on the couch with a beer and put on the movie Contact. Fortunately, Jayden’s girlfriend Kobie was there to enlighten us about what the hell went on and we had a fun ten minutes analysing the movie. It was after 11pm by then, and thus, time to head home to bed.


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Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km