Instructions for the day (in hindsight):

    1. Drag myself out of a soft, white-sheeted bed and immediately close the window to stop the day’s heat from entering;

    2. Eat four Weet Bix and a pile of muesli topped with dried fruit and nuts and coated in honey;

    3. Post today’s Instagram photo;

    4. Take Sugru and Selley’s All Purpose Glue out of the fridge and let it heat up to room temperature;

    5. Enter diary entries until I can’t take it any longer;

    6. Open the packet of Sugru and mold a shape similar to the piece of plastic that has snapped off my headlamp. Fit the Sugru to the headlight and let it cure;

    7. Glue a strip of metal and plastic of my Rode Video Mic Pro together;

    8. Glue the cracked corner of my kindle case;

    9. Make myself lunch that tasted gross, either because I didn’t bother cutting off the brown bits of an avocado, or because I used camembert cheese that I found at the very back of the fridge and was probably ancient;

    10. Find a guy on Instagram who posts awesome photos of his home country Pakistan. Write to him on the off chance I can use him as a source of a Letter of Introduction for my Pakistan visa application, should my plan with my friend’s friend fall though;

    11. Return to my seat at the dining table and sort through photos, placing them in folders according to the day of the trip they were taken;

    12. Retire to a leather chair that lets you lean back and put your feet up, and have an afternoon nap that leaves you groggy and unrefreshed;

    13. Set up a data transfer to shift some files onto my main external harddrive;

    14. Go for a walk along the river with mum;

    15. Return to my seat at the dining table and resume my photo sorting;

    16. Eat the delicious sweet and sour pork my mum made and go back for seconds;

    17. Continue transferring data from hard drives and SD cards onto my main hard drive, and watch an English crime drama in between;

    18. Go to bed;

    19. Avoid writing this diary entry by getting on my phone;

    20. See that the guy from Pakistan who I wrote to through Instagram has replied;

    21. Send a few messages to establish where he lives in Pakistan. Tell him it’s very late in Australia (it is, two minutes till midnight) and that I will write to him again tomorrow;

    22. Open my laptop and start writing today’s diary entry, deciding to turn it into a list of instructions;

    23. Reach step 23 and catch up with the present moment…


Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km