Good news: I don’t need to stress too much about my shoulder. I revisited the doctor this morning and he explained the results of Wednesday’s ultrasound. I have chronic tendonitis and a few small tears. The tendonitis is something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. This is because the ultimate source of my tendon problems is a collar-bone break I suffered when I was 16. My collar-bone snapped through and my shoulder collapsed inwards so that the bone overlapped by 3cm, meaning my shoulder was about 1cm lower and 3cm shorter than it should be. The unfortunate thing was that the doctor I saw didn’t consider putting in a rod to reposition my shoulder. Instead, he insisted I would be fine if I just let it heal the way it was. Thus, I am now living with a slightly deformed shoulder/back that is and will continue to give me soft tissue issues. I was advised to visit a physiotherapist to learn how to manage my current injury and learn how to strap up my shoulder to prevent further damage.

My friend Megs came over for lunch, then I jumped in her car and accompanied her to a bathroom supply shop, where she looked at their display of vanities. Megs has bought a house and is in the process of renovating it. I said I’d help. My plan was to take along my computer and switch between my mind-numbing diary entering task and helping out with renovation tasks. It worked really well and I think I was more productive than if I was at home. I helped tape up and paint a bunch of window frames. Megs cooked an amazing salmon dish for dinner and I went to sleep on a swag in the lounge room. My company means Megs is happy to sleep there – her house was broken into several weeks ago and she is still a little scared to be in there overnight by herself.


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