I continued helping out at Megs’ house. Today I sanded doors and doorframes, and pulled up some old carpet. It made me think that when the time comes to make my own place, I should spend some time helping others first to learn how and how not to do things. I caught a bus home in the late afternoon and discovered that my plan to take my parents’ car to my friend Jayden’s house wasn’t possible. My parents were out in their car, how dare they be! I was going to catch a train, but ended up borrowing my brother’s car, which was 15 minutes’ walk away. I cursed when I couldn’t find the zapper to let myself out of the shared garage space under my brother’s apartment building. It was evening peak hour so I expected someone was likely to arrive home any minute, so I took my chances and waited in the car near the entrance. Sure enough, within a minute someone pulled in and activated the gate, so I was able to sneak out. I stopped in at Coles in Swan View and picked up some food supplies. I’d told Jayden and Kobie I’d take care of dinner. I cooked the pork chops they’d taken out in the morning, making a sauce to go with it along with mashed potato and salad. I was at Jayden’s for a possible skype with Kobie’s friend who lives in Pakistan and might be able to help me out by providing a Letter of Invitation for my visa application. We weren’t able to skype but we at least got in touch through Facebook messenger. I hope we can work something out over the next couple of days. I am picking up my passport tomorrow from the Chinese Visa Service Centre and really need to get my application off to Canberra as soon as possible.


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Total distance ridden 17,908km