My passport is now on its way to the High Commission for Pakistan in Canberra, accompanied by a swathe of paperwork that will hopefully see me receive a Pakistan visa and be allowed into the country. Sending it took much longer than I’d planned as I’d forgotten to prepare payment, so I had to walk to Citibank to get a bank cheque written out. I felt a pang of paranoia that I’d forgotten something as I watched the envelope disappear into the post box, but I’ve done what I can and now can only hope it’s enough to secure the visa. Back at home I continued working until I got sleepy enough to have a little nap. On waking I showered and got ready for a night out. Dan came around at 7.30pm and we walked into the city to the Belgian Beer Café. We were soon joined by our friend Sean and had a good catch up over some drinks.


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