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Day 712 (Australia – Home break)

I really have to start going to bed earlier. The trouble is that I keep waking up around 4am every morning, needing to go to the toilet, and then I wake up properly at about 7am. With my bedtime nearing midnight most days, I am starting to deteriorate. Exercise and early nights will be the answer. I got more exercise today than most days lately, but still not much. It came in the form of two walks to Northbridge and back. The first was to go out for brunch with a friend I have made through Instagram. We went to Babushka’s, where I ate a smashed avo meal with a Tim Tam milkshake. Not bad at all. The second time was in the evening to join my brother Paul and friends Jayden, Kobie and Todd for a night at the Ocean Film Festival.

Here’s a time warp for you (given the fact that my diary is one year behind): today (2017) my website published a diary entry talking about my last year’s (2016) attendance at the festival, and now on the same day a year later (2017) I am attending the festival again, and writing about it in a diary entry that will be published on my website in one year’s time (2018).

The movies were great as usual. My favourites were Sea Gypsies and Four Mums in a Boat. The first was about an interesting crew of people sailing from New Zealand to Patagonia via Antarctica. The second was about four English women in their forties and fifties who completed in a rowing race across the Atlantic Ocean. Watching such films really inspires me to keep making my videos.


Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km

5 Responses to “Day 712 (Australia – Home break)”

        • Budgie Escapee

          Yeah I had to weigh up the pros and cons (even so, it would have been impossible to manage daily posts in real time, because I went many weeks without any internet). In ten years, 95% of people that have read the posts will have come across them well after the fact anyway.

          • The Year I Touched My Toes

            Yes I realise you can’t write while you are on the road. it;s just that this post really confused me. Just this particular post. I think you are doing an amazing job, I have read every word of every post. Luckily I resist the temptation of commenting on all of them.
            You have had wonderful journeys and experiences. But boy I pity your poor mother. At least she finds out about some of your “adventures” after the fact and that you survived it. But as you say you have siblings who do similar things so she must be used to it. But I bet she was glad to see you home from India, what ever year that was .I know 2016. Time to stop screen so we can actually go to sleep. 🙂 Cheers


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