The fact that I knew I had about a day’s work left to complete my Ningaloo video was too tempting and I ended up spending the whole day on it, neglecting my other tasks. I was hoping to get it rendering by the afternoon so I could visit Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe, but by the time I was done it was too late for such an adventure. The video finished rendering at 10pm, at which time I was able to show it to my brother, who was over for dinner. He gave me the great suggestion of adding a map into the video to contextualise where the Ningaloo Coast is and where I rode to get there. This means a little more editing and another rendering session to patiently wait through. I was hoping to publish it tomorrow but it seems I will be publishing it Sunday or Monday instead. It’s good timing: I only just discovered tonight that tomorrow is the first day Bike Week WA.


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Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km