I was in Bunbury when I received the news via text message: a package arrived from the Pakistan Embassy in Canberra. I rang my mum immediately and got her to open the envelope and find out whether or not I have been granted a Pakistan visa. Yes I have! What a relief.

The slightly overcast day seemed brighter as I continued my drive down to Dunsborough. I’m here to visit my friend Yara. It’s so nice to be well away from the city and my self-imposed responsibilities back home. We chatted through the afternoon before going on a walk along the coast. With lots to talk about and incredible views to appreciate, we lost touch with time and ended up wandering over 10km. It rained lightly as we walked, but not enough to make us too wet. After stopping off at the shops to pick up supplies, we returned home and cooked a delicious pasta dinner.


Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km