It would be blasphemy to visit Dunsborough and spend the day indoors, so even though I didn’t feel a lot like leaving the cosy house, I answered in the affirmative when Yara asked if I wanted to go for a morning walk. We headed in the other direction along the coast, reaching a spot called Castle Rock. The bush was damp from light drizzle and the sea was calm. Altogether it was a beautiful morning to be out walking and I’m glad we made the effort. Yara made a delicious breakfast of porridge with lightly fried walnuts, pecans, buckwheat and honey, topped with a blended banana and soy milk ‘sauce’. Amazing! I left around midday and arrived home in Perth mid-afternoon. I immediately set about making changes to my video (twice, after a whole bunch of progress disappeared when my computer froze) and set it up to render overnight.

Down south

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