I expected to wake up and find my video ready for posting to YouTube; however, at some point in the night it decided to pause its render, so it still had nearly three hours left when I woke up. When I finally uploaded it to YouTube, I was faced with another long wait. For some reason it took about six hours to upload. Tired from many nights of little sleep, I tried to rest through the day. I realised that I haven’t relaxed the entire time I have been in Perth. I haven’t given myself a chance to have a proper rest. Instead, my mind has been on the go and I have put pressure on myself to always be doing something. Tonight I reached the end of my tether. I haven’t been this tired/down in a long time. I really need to focus on getting back some energy and positivity. It needs to start with exercise, which will help me sleep. Once I catch up on sleep I will be fine.

I finally got my video onto YouTube and sent out an email newsletter to advertise the fact. I tried to upload a promo video to Instagram; however, there is something preventing the video from being uploaded. It gets halfway through processing, then stops. This happens on different devices both on WIFI and network signal, so it is something to do with the video file itself. Hopefully tomorrow I get this sorted. I will post the video on Instagram and Facebook in the morning, and then I can call it done and move my attention to other things.

Watch it HERE.


Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km