My alarm rang at 8am and I was on the train to North Fremantle by 9.30am. I met Tiffany at Bib and Tucker and we nabbed a seat by the edge of the balcony, which provided us an awesome view over Leighton Beach. While she ordered smashed avocado and a coffee, I got a white egg omelette with a mixed fruit juice. We caught up with what each of us have been up to over the last couple of weeks and when we were finished eating, we shifted to a corner spot, which was more amenable to conducting an interview. Tiffany set up her camera and we had a test run, but decided the ambient noise was too loud. We left the restaurant and found a quiet spot nearby. Tiffany interviewed me until her camera’s SD card was full. I always enjoy answering questions about my trip, as putting my ideas into words helps clarify my own understanding about what I am doing and why. Tiffany also suggested she could mention my trip to her contacts at Channel 9 and 92.9FM – it would be amazing if media picked up on my story, but it’s be silly to hold out hope at this point. You never know though. I returned home on the train and set about sorting through more photos, focusing on those taken in Thailand. My sister and mum turned up in the late afternoon and both promptly had a nap. They were exhausted from wedding dress hunting. I was surprised to hear that my sister found herself a wedding dress on her first day of searching. I wasn’t allowed to know anything about it though, party-poopers. Paul arrived not much later and we all shared a nice BBQ dinner.


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