What was meant to be a one hour trip to the airport turned into a big adventure out. An aunty and uncle, two cousins and two second-cousins flew into Perth today from Melbourne. I was originally joining my mum and another aunty and uncle in meeting them at the airport on their arrival. Yet another uncle was then going to drive them to where they are staying in Sorrento, via Iluka. The trouble was they and their luggage didn’t all fit in my uncle’s car. Instead of returning home, the car in which I travelled to the airport was roped into carrying the extra passengers and baggage. Though unplanned, it turned into a nice afternoon as we all got a good chance to catch up. It’s been two years since we have all seen each other. This time they have come over to help celebrate my cousin’s wedding. Taking place next weekend, this wedding is the reason I am still in Perth now.


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