I permitted myself a day off today. Packing away a cake (caramel slice with layers of marshmallow bits and peanuts, and coated in desiccated coconut) I made yesterday, I drove into the hills to have a ‘boys’ day out. Dan, Sean, Dan’s two boys and I went to the Parky Pub for lunch. The boys entertained themselves running amok with other kids while the three of us had a good catch up over a couple of beers. It was an amazing day weatherwise and we managed to grab a table in the mottled shade of a big eucalypt. Back at Dan’s house I was beaten at chess by Adam (who is only 7 years old, and I was actually trying hard!) Once again I said bye to Dan without knowing exactly when I’ll be seeing him again, and then I drove halfway down the hill to Jane Brook where I visited my school friend Stacey. I got to meet Stacey’s two-month old son, who was born on the same date I was. Usually when I visit Stacey it is as part of a family gathering, but today it was just her and her two kids, so we were able to have a really good catch up. Like with Dan, I won’t be seeing Stacey again until after my next ‘round’ of cycle touring, so I faced another ‘see you when I see you’ goodbye.


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Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km