Four Corners just screened a news story about the far-reaching influence of Facebook in our lives. It talked about the fact that we have limited control over the extent to which Facebook can collect data about our online activities. For the most part they use data to produce ads that target our individual interests, personalities and moods. But in doing so, they are collecting vast amounts of knowledge about a significant proportion of the human population. By shaping what information (‘news’ and ads) is presented to us, they hold an increasing level of power. This power is undeniable – even political leaders and terrorist organisations rely on Facebook to disseminate information and garner support from their community. The dangerous thing is that Facebook is a company ruled by individual people who are not elected representatives of our communities. The power is in the hands of a select group of people running Facebook. How worried should the average person be? Who knows? And therein lies the most worrying thing: we don’t know the long term impacts of allowing Facebook to continue growing in power across the globe.

My morning and evening was spent sorting through photos from Nepal, but the middle of the day was a bit more interesting. I went to Hilarys Boat Harbour to spend time with my extended family, especially those who have flown over from the eastern states for this weekend’s wedding. We chilled out by the artificial beach and my second-cousins’ Harry and Mason even dragged me into the water for a swim.

Family catchup

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