Today was a day for family. In the morning I spent some time researching how I need to access cash while travelling through the Stans, then I raced into the city to get some US dollars. Mum, dad and I then picked up my sister and drove to Lamont’s Winery in the Swan Valley where we were met by twelve others for lunch. On the way we stopped at a bike shop where I bought a bottle holder, which I’ll use to secure my fuel bottle onto my bike. Back at home I went to the gym that is part of my parents’ apartment complex and exhausted myself on the exercise bike. I’d done the same thing yesterday and hope to keep it up every day until I leave. Shortly after I was done, my brother turned up for family dinner and we have had a nice night catching up. My brother’s news is that in July he will be travelling to Peru to join a scientific research team in a hunt for anacondas, to which they will attach radio-transmitters and subsequently track their movements through the jungle.


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