Wedding celebrations kicked off today with day of activities at Point Walter, where both the ceremony and reception will take place tomorrow. A series of fun games had been set up for about forty of us to compete in, ‘us’ being the bridal party and close friends and family. One game saw each of four teams passing a soaked sponge down a relay line to fill up a bucket. Another saw us dressed in various outfits collecting corks and rocks from the surface and bottom of a swimming pool. A third was an hour-long scavenger hunt. It was a great way to spend a Friday. The entire Point Walter Recreation and Convention Centre has been hired out for the entire long weekend. Sitting atop a small hill, the place has great views across the Swan River, and has everything needed for a relaxed wedding: an outdoor amphitheatre perfect for the ceremony, a large ‘hall’ perfect for the reception, and plenty of onsite accommodation and parking. A lot of the wedding party and immediate family are spending several nights there. Everyone was really nice, so it looks the wedding tomorrow is going to be pretty good fun.


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