I am on a super happy high after having an awesome day and night out at my cousin’s wedding. What an amazing celebration! The ceremony kicked off around 3.30pm. As the entire wedding was happening at Point Walter, we didn’t have to go anywhere between the ceremony and the reception. Instead, we could grab a beer and play some outdoor games like boule and croquet. A Mexican food bar offering tacos and quesadillas staved off our hunger until we were welcomed inside for a sit-down buffet dinner. In between enjoying the good food we were entertained by great speeches. Then it was time for the bride and grooms first dance together. This marked the opening of both the spirits bar and the dancefloor. It was an open bar (help-yourself) with a seemingly endless supply of a huge variety of spirits, so it didn’t take long for the dancefloor to look inviting. So followed an epic night of fun partying with extended family. It wasn’t until about 5am that my brother and I found our way to some beds in a nearby dorm room.


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