Four hours of sleep wasn’t enough to cross between being intoxicated and having a hangover, so I still felt a bit affected when my brother and sister and I emerged from our room and joined other party-goers for a bacon and egg breakfast. My brother dropped me off home, where I had a brief chat with my dad before crashing into bed. I emerged about 3pm, and by this time I’d well and truly transitioned into a hangover. The only thing I felt like eating was more bacon and eggs, enough for me to drag myself to the local shops and by some Australian free-range pork and fresh bread rolls. It was a good choice. I then felt like drinking coke, so once again I ventured out to the shops. My energy was completely expended by this time so I retired to the couch. It wasn’t long before my brother and sister turned up, who similarly took up position on the couch. Easter 2017! We enjoyed a delicious roast pork dinner before returning to the couch and doing a good job of being, well-fed, hungover blobs. I was a very happy blob though. The hangover has done nothing to diminish the feeling of having thoroughly enjoyed myself the night before. I’ve come away incredibly appreciative of having such a great extended family and very lucky that I have such lovely people to return to when my cycling adventures come to an end.


Accommodation Home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km