As usual I have it to the last minute to get ready to leave Australia. I have been on my feet all day, most of it spent cleaning up the mess that had developed in my room over the last seven weeks and organising the stuff I am taking away with me. I have grown more nervous and anxious throughout the day and it didn’t help that I had to hunt down, and then pick up, a package containing a spare tyre that was meant to be delivered today. Mum helped me out by sewing a couple of things, including a new bottle cover, a strap to tie my sleeping mat onto my bike, and a new elastic strap on my eye mask. I haven’t completed everything I wanted to while in Australia, but I have finalised everything I have to do, and I can manage the remaining items on my to-do list while overseas. It’s 9pm and I can finally start to relax, or at least try to. Paul and Sarah came over for dinner, which was take away from Royal Cambodia. I have just packed up my check-in bag and as soon as I have written this entry I will pack up my carry-on bag. I probably won’t sleep much tonight as I think about what lies ahead of me starting tomorrow when I return to India.


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Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km